What kind of fish should be kept in Pond for Fish?

Are you still confused with what kind of fish should be kept in pond for fish that you have? No need to be confused, you can just keep various types of fish according to availability and also your ability to maintain. Because, in maintaining a fish does require special care and there are even some fish that have to spend more just for the maintenance and maintenance only, ranging from feed to the things that must have to take care of a fish in the pond at your home.

If you include someone who only makes the fish as a decoration, then you just need to maintain ornamental fish in the pond for fish that exist at your home. However, you also have to be smart by choosing what kind of ornamental fish that must be maintained, ranging from the size to the cost incurred so that your finances are not drained just for the sake of maintaining an ornamental fish alone. Some of the recommendations most often aimed at maintaining the ornamental fish species are lohan fish, nemo fish and koi fish. Of course, maintaining ornamental fish requires a higher cost.

However, if you own a pond for fish and keep fish for consumption then you are obliged to maintain fish which of course you can eat every day. You certainly do not need to feel confused because in choosing fish of this type is easier than choosing ornamental fish. You can maintain various types of fish that are suitable for consumption such as goldfish, tilapia, and also carp. Of course, care and maintenance for this type of fish has a cheaper expenditure than caring for ornamental fish where the feed for those that you have only need something that available on the market and the price for it is cheaper than other.

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