Go on a Trip to Semarang and Enjoy a Different Kind of Holiday

Running out of options of places to go to this holiday season? Why don’t you go on a trip to semarang? Semarang is a city at the northern section of Java Island, Indonesia. It is the capital city of the Province of Central Java and is the country’s fifth largest city in terms of population after Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, and Medan. Knowing this fact, naturally, you would have guessed that the city boasts a series of tourism gems to keep you entertained during your stay. And you would be equally totally right and a bit missed to have thought so.

When it comes to the thing of the trip to semarang tourism, you might need to prepare yourself for excitement as well as disappointment. Why? If you think that what you are about to encounter is a city on par with anywhere in Bali, for example, that’s where you are wrong. Semarang is located next to the sea and it features perhaps one of the busiest harbors in Indonesia. But anything else past that fact is questionable at best. There are no beaches sporting white sand and exotic view. There are no hidden beaches that allow you to take in the undiscovered tropical paradise atmosphere. There are lush resorts perching at the cliff facing the ocean. Semarang beaches are dirty and unkempt and that is why you should never expect the kind of tropical living while in the city.

Instead, turn your head way from the sea and go on a trip to semarang attractions located nearer to the downtown. It is the city that offers you a complete package of holiday experience like nowhere else. The city is enclosed in cultural backgrounds that are so rich you might as well forget that you are in Indonesia at the moment. Some of the best features in Semarang include:

  1. Mount Ungaran

The mount itself is nothing sort of extraordinary. But it is the resort-like park, the UmbulSidomukti that takes the cake. At this spot, you can take part in activities such as flying fox. You get to feel zipping through a line of rope extending over a valley below. Or take a walk across the Marine Bridge. Built over the same valley below the flying fox lines, this bridge is misleading in its appearance. It looks easy to walk through but in fact it takes courage to do so given that there is a gaping hole of a valley below you. Alternatively, you can take a dip in a natural infinity pool that is said to have healing and rejuvenating powers.

  1. Old Town

Moving on to the city, the Old Town part of it shows a glimpse back at the past. Everything fromold train station to old cigarette factory to old church to old-style cafés is to be found here. Make sure you get to Srigunting Street, where there are about 40 sellers selling antiques.

  1. Simpang Lima

The city downtown boasts some stores selling branded fashion items at alluring prices.


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